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Originally Posted by lazerbullet View Post
Well... keep waiting. In those days musically talented people did only one thing... play and write music which is now known as classical music. Now, musically talented people write and perform jazz, blues, rock and a lot of other very interesting and good music. It's most likely that Jimmy Page and John Lennon are so to speak Mozart and Beethoven of our time.

Same with Shakespeare. So he did write world class dramas. Now talented people write and make movies among many other things. And there have been many amazing movies over the years that are as legendary as anything Shakespeare wrote.

Or science. The fact there is no household name like Einstein doesn't mean that modern scientist are somehow inferior. They work in many, many fields and drive the modern technology further. Look at how everything has changed in the past 10, 20 or 30 years. The leap has been enormous and the pace is really high. There a lot things happening in biotechnology. Additive manufacturing is the next big since industrial revolution. It's all coming and there are many talented scientist behind all of this. These things don't happen out of nowhere. And many things are not known or understood by public, yet.

And in many, many cases the real genius is only recognized by the public long after he is dead. Genius is ahead of his time and in most cases his contemporaries don't even understand him.
So you are trying to reduce the discussion to niche talents, which happens to be my point. See Sedin analogy. Definite lack of a complete game at their position. Excellent at the offensive scoring niche but then very little in terms of quality attributes.

As for your last paragraph you are blending understanding with enduring. Shakespeare was understood in his lifetime - explained by the simple fact that audiences showed up and appreciated his works. This popularity and appreciation has endured to this date, translated to various languages and presented on film, via audio - records, radio, etc.

Present day players are interchangeable parts. Only difference is that like light bulbs where some last longer or less than the norm. Used to advantage - Sedins and offensive zone faceoffs, they have a "Wow" factor resumee that hides an incomplete game.

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