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11-16-2012, 07:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Richer's Ghost View Post
I think my natural affection (and infection) with speed and motorcycles from ages 14-24 pretty much locked me into loving coasters. I don't much care for the smooth riding rails as much as I love the shake the crap out of you old wooden (and scary looking/sounding) ones. The sheer violence of it all and the thought not so far in the back of your head that this thing could rip apart at any second sending you into a splinter fest of pain and agony is the thrill for me. Heights I don't really have a problem with as long as I'm not standing on the edge of a building more than 5 stories up. If that slow tick tick tick tick... climb to the arms up salute is giving you problems and nothing else, just look up at the sign "KEEP HANDS INSIDE THE RIDE AT ALL TIMES" and close your eyes for the big drop then enjoy.

Of course if you really can't get over the 2 stories up issue, maybe a fast powerboat ride is what you need instead.

2 different wavelengths, bud. i couldnt even read your who thing without having 2 Xanax. i think im resigned to riding when i absolutely have to, and giving the gf the business end of a verbal thrashing right before it happens. if it aint broke..

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