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11-16-2012, 08:04 AM
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Originally Posted by YWGinYYZ View Post
Holden: so you feel that the Jets should be looking at packaging players and picks for upgrades to compete in the next year or 2, as the current players hit their peaks? Given how many 2nd and 3rd round picks the Jets possess in the next draft, that would still leave them with a few selections in those rounds, if an appropriate deal could be made.
I feel right now we should be looking a real balanced approach right now. I disagree that we should be fire saleing by dealing Hainsey, Antropov, Ponikarovsky etc for yet more 2nd to 4th round picks. With a 2nd rounder your looking at around a 25% chance you come up with an impact NHLer (top 9 fwd, top 5 D) at best, 3-4 years down the road. The team needs to start taking steps forward now to help the young core.

I do NOT advocate selling the farm at the current time. I think we are sitting very well in terms of picks, and the farm is being built nice and slowly. But we are not right now at the start, or even in the middle of rebuild. We should be starting to come out of the rebuild. There is little need to be going out and throwing money around that might be used elsewhere down the road, or selling off young assets for immediate help, but there is equally little need to sell valuable players for marginal young assets. Core veteran guys like Hainsey and Antropov can be very valuable for the leadership and talent to take us into playoffs. This year, and next year we should be a borderline playoff team (7-9 this year, 5-8 next year), likely to lose first round.

If we start selling assets like Antropov and Hainsey off, we end up back in the bottom of the standings and by the time we might see any results from the 2nd to 4th round picks we would get for them, the core of this team will be moving on, IMO. So right now, we should not be selling picks, nor talent, IMO. Antropov and Hainsey are guys like Handzus and Scuderi for the Kings. Signed at the peak of the rebuild, these guys lasted the tough times and helped LA climb out of the basement with solid leadership and effective if unspectacular play. In 2-3 years, when we have the talent to replace them, or have the resources to look elsewhere, they can move on.

Now, that being said there is always exceptions. If you can get a first round pick for Antropov/Hainsey, you probably have to take it. You'd have to feel the market out.

Thing is though, if this core cannot make playoffs this year, then struggles at all in 13-14, you might need to start looking to torpedo the whole core. This group has languished at the bottom of the standings for far too long. We need to start making improvements, they will not be made by selling players, and it will not be intact long enough for the Jets to suddenly decide to sell everyone for another rebuild while trying to hold onto our core assets. Honestly I am ok if the Jets wanted to completely rebuild, but if they don't (and they have shown that they clearly do not want to go that direction) they need to start making progress with this core now, not in 3-4 years, since we will have no chance of holding onto this group that long. It's not ok to have guys like Kane, Pavelec, Ladd, Little, Bogosian hung out to dry for the next 2-4 years while they wait for reinforcements, those guys will not be in Jets uniforms if that is the case.

This is why I LOVED our off season so much, we made all the right moves going forward with the plan I thought we should be taking. Honestly this lockout might be the absolute WORST thing for the Jets franchise, this was a KEY year moving forward with this team. It might kill any chance we had with this core of guys. At very least, if we lose the season, it makes 13-14 a beyond huge year, since a failure to make playoffs in that year will pretty much end any chance of competing with these guys, IMO.

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