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Originally Posted by kack zassian View Post
If Bernier stole the show, and suddenly J-Quick was available, how many teams would be interested?

Probably not many more than 5
i disagree. considering the age difference i suspect there would be closer to 20 teams interested in quick, if not more.

they have similar cap hits and term left on their contracts except one is 26 and one is 33.

no one knows for sure how many good years luongo has left but i think most would agree that a 26 year old goalie would have more good years left then a 33 year old.

if that is the case then luongo should theoretically be most coveted by teams who are contenders or on the verge of being a contender and an upgrade in net could possibly push them over the top. the problem is most teams who are contenders have a reliable goaltender. there are a few above average teams who could use an upgrade in net;

san jose, chicago, and washington are the ones that come to mind. these are mature teams who if they had luongo in net it could actually make a difference.

the teams that need a goalie the most are the teams who are the weakest because they are missing multiple components. adding luongo wont make too much of a difference. teams like columbus, and edmonton might be kicking tires but these teams dont make any sense. they dont have any roster players that they could part with that would help vancouver right away and their 1st round picks are so high that it is doubtful that they would be included. they are also so far away from competing that by the time they are ready luongo could be on the decline.

in contrast, quick being so much younger then luongo makes him appealing to teams looking to compete now (since he was a payoff mvp and has a cup ring) and young enough that even on a team like columbus or edmonton he will be young enough to still be good when they are competitive.

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