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11-16-2012, 08:41 AM
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Originally Posted by turcotte8 View Post
Pat Leonard ‏@NYDNRangers

Stop wasting our time, @NHL and @NHLPA. Just stop

Scott Cullen ‏@tsnscottcullen

I'm fascinated by NHL assertion that they have moved in the players' direction -- I was unaware of any player gains in CBA proposals.
I don't think it was ever about the players "gaining" anything in this CBA. Fact of the matter is that they've had it way too good for a long time now... The league isn't healthy. One of the reasons is the 57% - 43% they've been enjoying for a while. The league wants a fair 50/50... They've moved towards the players, significantly on rev sharing (something the league def needed to become more solvent). The various contract issues are to keep GMs in check. Do they need ALL of the contract concessions they're asking for? No. But they need something to stop the circumventing contracts.

The players are going to lose. No matter how you slice it. They have a lot to lose just to make it fair tho. I don't see the owners asking for very much that isn't fair.

If they just asked for one of the circumventing contract concessions (as opposed to 3 or whatever) I would completely agree with the NHL.

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