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Originally Posted by reecardo View Post
Can not stand guys who are obviously B leaguers polluting my D league as subs and not even paying the $10 to freakin play. Classless asshats come down and ruin a true beginner co-ed league, and add insult to injury by not contributing a dime when the rest of us payed to play. Wouldn't be so bad if the jerks would stick to D, but they of course need to score at least two goals a game so they can feel special?

Sorry if this is a repeat. It is impossible to pull a full thread in any way? Usually you can choose print friendly version or something? Not going to page through 21 screens to see if someone has already said this.
WOAH WOAH WOW! Did you say 10... $10! Wow
I dk where you live but you should consider yourself lucky....

It is $20 to play open hockey here... $25 in some areas and locations and times
Only one place but done poorly is like $15. They use to have $10 6am hockey but now thats hard to find or the worst possible times.

A 14 game league in New York is like $400 for the season and that is if you have at least 14 guys on your team.

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