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11-16-2012, 08:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Frkinator View Post
There is more to Ovechkins story...I would bet a decent amount of change on it, if there is one thing im good at its reading people and situations. The question is if we ever will find out the whole story.

When you look at everything it doesn't add up, its like in say accounting, if a financial statement has more 7's, 8's & 9's combined then 1's, 2's & 3's then the statement is fraudulent (for large corporations). The same mathematical principal's are actually applied to sports in finding cheats...but without solid evidence you cant even hint at it.

My point is there is almost certainly more to all of this...
lol. It's simple math

Size + Explosiveness + Speed + Wicked and Accurate Shot+ Strenght of a Bull = Old Ovi

Size - Explosiveness - Speed - Wicked and Accurate Shot + Strenght of a bull = New Ovi.

Will we ever see the Old Ovi again? Who knows? Can Ovi reinvent himself into a New Old Ovi? It remains to be seen.

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