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Originally Posted by Eidyia View Post
This wont make sense until we have at least ten good professional leagues. And they should be pretty evenly matched also if this tournament would make sense.

Now we have NHL -> KHL ---> Elitserien/SM-liiga/NLA/Extraliga/DEL--> Slovakia/Austria--> Etc...

Long story short: Too much parity. NHL is the Champions League of Hockey already, and KHL is the UEFA Cup, if you will.
In a way your right... the NHL is the elite league where 95% of the best players in the world want to play. Its the most watched, most tracked and most exciting hockey there is. The playoffs are the legit version of champions league where every player wishes to be a part of whether they stink or are the best.

But it does not matter,
the NHL says its the best. The fans believe they are truly the best. They have many rights to believe so. But now its time to back it up! The Europeans have grown a lot over the last 10 years and they have to start showing their worth as well.

I want to see some NHL clubs play against some other Europeans in more meaningful games.

If you choose 4 NHL teams and then Europe's best 12 teams... maybe 6 of those teams cannot compete. Maybe. But I believe 6 of those teams could make some crazy upsets

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