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11-16-2012, 09:01 AM
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Originally Posted by DaaaaB's View Post
This is quite possibly the dumbest thing I've ever read on this site.

Do you not realize how big of a problem it is to have deer overpopulated. Destroying forestry and crops is one thing but causing car accidents and human deaths is a bigger problem. Spreading disease is another issue as already mentioned. As someone who had a good friend killed in a car accident caused by a deer, I will say that you two are absolutely clueless.

Oh and btw, hunters don't just kill for enjoyment. They eat the kill too, saving money while helping the ecosystem. BTW again, I've never hunted in my life, I'm just smart enough to realize that it's a necessity.

I'm pretty sure hunting is more popular in Canada then it is in the US. But yeah, we do have some ******** gun laws. The laws don't actually stop criminals from getting guns but they sure make it a hassle for law-abiding hunters and other citizens. As long as guns are being made, criminals will always get their hands on them.
I didn't think to film it w/ my Iphone, and was killing myself after the fact for not doing it. I rolled up on the aftermath of a so called "smart" car (glorified golf cart) that had hit a young buck near my home. Poor thing was still trying to walk. It's likely starving to death somewhere as we speak. Not so smart car? Front end demolished, windshield smashed, airbag deployed, roof damaged. Looked like it went completely over the car. Occupant was ok, but the irony was completely off the hook. Speed around here at night you take your life into your hands, and I'm only a half hour (wife driving) to 20 mins (me in wicked smart car) outside of Boston.

Wait til the wolves are back!

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