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11-16-2012, 10:06 AM
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Originally Posted by ESunlin View Post

No, actually, you said that we are all overreacting because you did it 25ish times and were fine. It's not okay- no matter how you spin it, it isn't. That crap about "20 year olds will be 20 year olds" is a bunch of male bovine excrement. It's about responsibility- to himself, to his team, and to the people driving around him.

Do you have kids?
No, I didn't say you're overreacting because I did it 25 times.

I said you were overreacting because you have an emotional response and not a rational response.

As you've proven once again, by failing to respond to what was written.

And I never said it was OK. What part about "Let him get get the punishment he deserves .. and nothing less" suggests it's OK.

I don't have kids. Maybe if I did, I'd become irrational and judgmental and forget that I made mistakes in my life.

In which case, I've found another silver lining that comes with not having kids.

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