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Originally Posted by Eidyia View Post
But in football we've got 20+ pro leagues in Europe alone. And the prize money is something to worth playing for.

I see your point but still those are marketing games for NHL-teams in their pre-season. What did they had to play against Zurich and Metallurg? Not to get injured.

And I prefer European hockey to NHL but I just don't see it happening, at least not as a transatlantic tournament.
Wrong. The Victoria Cup where Zurich beat Chicago and Metallburg lost to the NY Rangers were serious games and not meant for just some marketing scheme.

A IIHF representative from Switzerland believed in making his own championship game. One playoff worthy team from the NHL vs the European Champions from the year before. An amazing game. The Winner would win prize money, each player would win 40,000 franks. It may not be the millions the NHL is use to, but 40,000 franks is ALOT of dough that no player is ready to just give someone.

I am sure it was not your typical NHL stanley cup playoff aggressiveness but it was both an exciting game each team wanted to win. This was not the European tour they do every year that is meant for european marketing. This was a championship they played for. The NHL Stanley Cup winning team of the Blackhawks lost to European champions.

So thats how you get it started... You need investors. You need to promote the NHL and make sure they know they will receive some kind of $$ for playing and more money for winning.

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