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Originally Posted by fabricoh View Post
21,113 drunk driving fatalities in 1982.
15,827 drunk driving fatalities in 1991.
13,472 drunk driving fatalities in 2002.
10,759 drunk driving fatalities in 2010.

Sure, whining about drunk driving does no good. We are obviously wasting our time and shouldn't do anything to warn people about the dangers of drunk driving or texting while driving.

Obesity causes 300,000 preventable deaths a year.

Do you let your kids get fat? You're a child killer.
You should be locked up and called an idiot and a bad apple and ridiculed.

You should also be subject to some of the most totalitarian laws this country has to offer (refuse a PBT? Instant arrest/License confiscated and destroyed before trial)
And those insane laws are a byproduct of this country having been brainwashed on the issue of drunk driving.

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