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11-16-2012, 09:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Mynameismark View Post
Tragic news, but now people know how the deer feel.

Guns and humans, just not a good combo.

btw, this is defo not a "sport".

Just some FYI's...

First, people don't just go out to shoot deer for the heck of it. People shoot deer
for food. Here in Wisconsin, if someone gets a deer and doesn't want it, they can
even donate the deer to help feed the homeless (I read somewhere that about 700
tons had been donated over the years). That's pretty awesome!

Second, for years our deer population had limited real natural predators - mainly
bobcat and bear (although our wolf population is finally coming back). This means
that the deer population has exploded over the last 50 or so years. This has lead
to numerous problems such as car strikes (our state averages over 18,000 per year -
in fact my insurance company states that yearly odds of hitting a deer are 1 in 78),
chronic wasting disease and even mass starvation during harsh winters.

Third, our DNR have a pretty comprehensive "deer management" program. They
can somewhat dictate how many deer are killed each year (by issuing different
types of hunting permits). This is all done to ensure a healthy deer population.

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