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I wonder why a Champions League in Europe has always been a problem?

The late 90s to the early 2000s showed a decline in hockey around the world.

Heck, even the NHL showed a crazy drop in ratings.

The Soviet government crashed and so did its beloved sports. Sports in Russia had to start over with no proper organization and no money.

The NHL and the Russian leagues suffered and hockey on a whole dropped. Croatia had no hockey team I ever heard about or could find online. Czech and Slovakia split apart and had to start leagues from basically nothing but in a worse situation than Russia.

There was no FUNDS and no interest in spending money for an expensive sport!

Yet look what has happened in the last 5-10 years.

The NHLs ratings have skyrocketed. The Winter Classic and the new rules brought excitement back to the game (as well as its players). NHL playoffs were on the rise again and records for TV views were broken.

The Russian Super League was reinvented to become the KHL where it finally has some real organization and real investors and real owners. They finally have legitimate owners who can pay proper wages and keep a team in the league. Farm teams for all KHL teams were created and even the 2nd tier league in Russia has gained much support. Its those Russian billionairs who are seeing a time to make money in hockey rather than lose it. And because the KHL promises growth, many teams all over Europe are buying in. Heck! The Croatian team might go play in there and they even inspired the Italian Hockey team of Milan to be promoted and attempt to join the KHL

Hockey in Russian and America have grown and so hockey in the world has grown. Technology has allowed for more efficient and cheaper ways of owning teams and building rinks and facilities. Asia hockey league has grown in the last 10 years to actual noticed numbers. Czech and Slovakia are growing because of it all. Croatia now has a real team that is ranked #12 in popularity in Europe.

And hockey will only grow from here...

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