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11-16-2012, 09:26 AM
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Originally Posted by JP Mick View Post
I'm REALLY sorry the Leafs missed the playoffs again, I truly am.
Originally Posted by TOGuy14 View Post
Number one sign of someone in denial: when someone posts up intelligent conversation based in fact, and they only thing they can come up with is some childish retort.

Thanks for the vindication.
Yea. Nice lack of logic.

Poster 1: Here are logical reasons why I don't think Florida will make the playoffs.

Poster 2: Toronto sux!

Poster 1: ... I never said they didn't... we're talking about Florida here...

Come on people. The fact that Toronto is a bad team has NO EFFECT on whether or not Florida is a good or bad team, or any other team for that matter.

So if a Toronto poster gives a good backed up argument for why he thinks another team isn't very good, pointing out that Toronto isn't good doesn't automatically mean your team is. It's completely irrelevant.

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