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11-16-2012, 09:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Mynameismark View Post
Tragic news, but now people know how the deer feel.

Guns and humans, just not a good combo.

btw, this is defo not a "sport".
I don't call it a sport either. But there is nothing wrong with hunting IMO. If you kill a deer and use it to feed your family, it is just like that ground beef you ate the other day - an animal was killed to make that, and it was prepared for you to eat.

At least here in Canada (I assume the US is very similar), you are taught and trained before you can hunt how to humanely kill game - where to shoot, when to shoot, and what calibre of weapon you should use to effectively and humanely kill it.

There is also no shame in enjoying the hunt itself. We have always been predators by nature, so there is a certain satisfaction that comes with hunting and killing your own meal. As long as the rules are followed and the hunter is being responsible, there is nothing wrong with hunting.

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