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Originally Posted by 8thRoundPick View Post
Not sure if you are asking seriously or not? I'll assume you are.

Up here in Canada we are allowed to own both long guns (rifles, shotguns) and hand guns, but both require a Possession Acquisition License. For long guns, you need the "Restricted" P.A.L., whereas for hand guns you need the "Non-Restricted" version. Both versions require a written and practical exam be passed, the RCMP does a background check, there is a cool-down waiting period and then finally the license can be issued. I'm not 100% positive, but I'm fairly certain the background check is much more thorough for the non-restricted license, and you need a viable reason to obtain one (officer of the law, member of a gun club, etc).

For hunting, there is an additional license required. You must pass a Hunter Safety course in order to obtain it, called the "H1" license (there are a few other variations, but the majority of adults obtain the H1) which comes in the form of an Outdoors card.

On top of all that, hunting is controlled and you must purchase and have in your possession a game seal in order to hunt. Some game animals have a lottery in order to get a seal, and this is in place to only give out so many seals in order to maintain proper game populations.
This is similar to the US as far as hunting licenses. However, the US doesn't require a license for long arms. Handgun laws vary wildly from state to state.

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