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11-16-2012, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Riche16 View Post
I don't think it was ever about the players "gaining" anything in this CBA. Fact of the matter is that they've had it way too good for a long time now...
If the players haev had it too good for too long, then why is it mentioned everywhere about what a great job that Bettman did for the owners and how he is reponsible for record profits?
The league isn't healthy. One of the reasons is the 57% - 43% they've been enjoying for a while.
Again, if it is so unhealthy, they why, up until the actually locked the players out, have we heard about how great the league is and how much revenue that they are bringing in? As soon as the padlock went on, everyone is crying poverty again. Let's not forget that NO ONE has seen an NHL audited financial statement.
The league wants a fair 50/50... They've moved towards the players, significantly on rev sharing (something the league def needed to become more solvent).
The players agreed to a 50/50, with the caveat that the owners pay for the contracts that they signed. The owners get their 50/50, just gradually.
The various contract issues are to keep GMs in check. Do they need ALL of the contract concessions they're asking for? No. But they need something to stop the circumventing contracts.
GM's or owners that constantly seek to circuvent their own rules to get a competitive advantage?
The players are going to lose. No matter how you slice it. They have a lot to lose just to make it fair tho.
The players are going to loose, but they will ensure that the owners cut off their own nose in the process. Owning an NHL team is not petty cash as some uniformed posters like to imagine. This is a business. The midpoint of the teams si around $200 million. That is A LOT of money. And for those business to be driven to the point of bankruptcy is going to be a "loss" for the owners as well.
I don't see the owners asking for very much that isn't fair.
The are demanding and not asking. There is not a single concession to the players. And asking for the owners to pay the contracts that they signes is not unfair.

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