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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
So you are trying to reduce the discussion to niche talents, which happens to be my point.
No I'm not. You are searching for the next Beethoven or Mozart and saying that there is none. I'm saying that they do exist, they just do a bit different thing (different kind of music), you are just not seeing them.

See Sedin analogy. Definite lack of a complete game at their position. Excellent at the offensive scoring niche but then very little in terms of quality attributes.
Sedins. I also don't want to give them any extra credit. But (!) a guy like Malkin should get, because he has to outscore Sedins, who like you say are put into very favorable position to put up points. In a league with six teams Malkin doesn't have to worry about Sedins, most likely, because Sedins are not on the first line.

Shakespeare was understood in his lifetime - explained by the simple fact that audiences showed up and appreciated his works. This popularity and appreciation has endured to this date, translated to various languages and presented on film, via audio - records, radio, etc.
And how are modern movie makers worse? Are they not "genius" enough for you? I don't see how Shakespeare is more "genius" than some of them. So whole your theory that we are still waiting for the next Shakespeare is simply false. Just like musicians... modern Shakespeare most probably doesn't write classical dramas, but does something else which is similar (movies). Again, you don't see them and keep waiting for the next Shakespeare.

Present day players are interchangeable parts. Only difference is that like light bulbs where some last longer or less than the norm. Used to advantage - Sedins and offensive zone faceoffs, they have a "Wow" factor resumee that hides an incomplete game.
And back in the day players were geniuses, artists, and superheros?

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