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11-16-2012, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by SnipeCheeseAllDay View Post
Schenn was NOT affected by playing in the NHL too soon, he was affected by putting on too much weight too fast and losing his mobility/speed. He had a GREAT rookie year, but then his development staled.

Rielly is NHL ready, but he only makes the Leafs roster if both Carlyle and Burke see him as a fit in the top 4. If not, WHL it is.
Yea. Which wouldn't have been a problem if he was still in the CHL/AHL. He would have added the weight, and had time to adjust. The media wouldn't have been all over him, he would have been against easier competition that he could adjust to in incremental steps from CHL->AHL->NHL.

There's NO reason to bring Rielly up this year. None. What's the benefit? We bring Rielly up are we suddenly a playoff team? Of course no. No player has been negatively affected development-wise by staying in junior an extra year. PLENTY of players have been negatively affected by being brought up too soon.

He was injured essentially all of last year. There's no benefit to the team or to him to bring him up right now. Let him dominate for a year, build his confidence, and improve his defensive game while against the type of competition where he won't get overwhelmed, and THEN bring him up.

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