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11-16-2012, 09:47 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue View Post
Yes, I think that the players are SO pi$$ed off at Bettman and the owners, that, yes they will. They lost a season, got bent over in the last negotiations, and are now being squezzed again with disengenous contracts. They hired Fehr for a reason. They will drink the kool-aide and, if necessary, they will loose two years. I do not think that they owners are willing to fold the NHL, which is what will happen if 2 years are lost.

Sure, but they have sold tickets. Once the fixed costs continue and the rent needs to be paid, and not a single ticket is sold, that is quite a big difference. And your statement was definetly true in 2004. But not as much now.
So Brandon Prust (for example) is going to give up $5M of the $10M payday he just hit? A payday he will never sniff again?

Henrik Lundqvist, the insane competitor he is, is gonna flush two years of prime stat production and Cup contention down the toilet?

Mike Rupp and Marty Biron are basically gonna agree to retire and be replaced by younger kids?

Yea good luck selling that Fehr. Its not gonna happen and tp think that the players can "win" or somehow stick it to Bettman by holding out longer is laughable IMO. They will hurt themselves just as bad if not worse.

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