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11-16-2012, 10:48 AM
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(Disclaimer: I only really saw the second period)

I did not see Dumba as bad at all. He made a few questionable plays but he wasn't turning the puck over anywhere near as often as say Rielly was (who was awful IMO). I often saw odd man breaks for the Russian team which appeared to be due to either a turnover in the Canadian zone or a defenseman out of position.

Two goals against Dumba I saw in the second were:

One where he slid to stop a pass on a 2-on-1 but the Russian waited and made the pass for a backdoor tap-in. Not the best move, but on the plus side when Dumba slid, he did NOT screen the goalie like some might drop to a knee, and there should have been another defenseman and/or forward coming back to pick up the other guy and/or pressure the puck carrier so he doesn't have all day to screw with the puck.

Second one Dumba had his guy tied up in the crease but again there was another Russian with nobody on him whatsoever. So the puck carrier had two passing options, Dumba tied up his man by lifting his stick, the other guy was wide open with nobody covering him.

There was a shift where the Russians nearly scored that Dumba was way up like a forechecker and that definitely would have been his fault. It was an odd man break for the Russians and to his credit Dumba came back FLYING with ridiculous speed to get back into the play.

Other little faults I saw were some not great passes...he made some great ones but sometimes got a little lazy with them. Of course the Russians did a great job of taking away passing lanes in the NZ and of forechecking in general. He also moved around quite a bit in his end which could have caught him out of position, but he did seem to find a man to tie up frequently. Not the end of the world considering it's not an established team with a system.

Now on the plus side, he shot the puck a lot and showed off impressive puck skills. I was really impressed when he smoothly kicked a bad pass right back to his tape and sent it right back up the ice. A routine play for a good NHL'er but not necessarily for a kid. He was physical without getting out of position in that he would pop players when he had the opportunity but wouldn't chase them around the ice. He also had tremendous speed (see the above backcheck) and was evasive when picking up the puck in his end with a forechecker pressuring him.

Overall I came away impressed with him and think he should get a shot at the WJC.

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