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11-16-2012, 09:55 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue View Post
Yes, I think that the players are SO pi$$ed off at Bettman and the owners, that, yes they will. They lost a season, got bent over in the last negotiations, and are now being squezzed again with disengenous contracts. They hired Fehr for a reason. They will drink the kool-aide and, if necessary, they will loose two years. I do not think that they owners are willing to fold the NHL, which is what will happen if 2 years are lost.

Sure, but they have sold tickets. Once the fixed costs continue and the rent needs to be paid, and not a single ticket is sold, that is quite a big difference. And your statement was definetly true in 2004. But not as much now.
Ahh, yes, the biggest misconception of them all - that the players got bent over last time. The NHL stuck it to them with the 24% rollback at the beginning of the last CBA, but thats about it. They operated under a deal where players garnered 57% of revenues - revenues that increased by over $1B since the last lockout. How is that getting bent over?

Bettman got his cap and thought he got his victory - in truth it was a very bad deal for the owners - especially the smaller market ones.

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