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11-16-2012, 10:02 AM
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NHL/NHLPA = Hostess/Union? Long live the twinkie....

Well done JJ! Sabretip-ish in terms of focus, logic and accuracy!

You've completely nailed it.......... The Kelley ouster fundamentally underpins this labor conflict. And Lindros, Penny and Co had the most to gain from this power play.

It's too bad that the players were asleep at the wheel when it happened. Elections do have consequences.

Reports I've read (go to the Main Boards - Business of Hockey and follow the links to Globe and Mail, etc. articles), Fehr has almost unprecedented executive power over the NHLPA membership. He's lined things up such that there's no steering committee or similar body that he really needs to run things by and he apparently fully controls the flow of information and communication. Selected players attend meetings but no one attends all the meetings and different ones only hear parts of different stories. The players are treated as mostly useful idiots to parrot Fehr's talking points.

Fehr has managed to effectively establish an executive dictatorship where NO ONE has the information they need to question the leader and his principle associate. Don and Steve are the only ones who know the whole picture.

Meanwhile the players hold useless practices and conditioning sessions and accept what they are being told versus independantly synthesizing and verifying information.

Sid the Kid (and others) aren't asking the tough questions because they naively believe they will be playing hockey any day now when in fact there's an orchestrated effort to feed them only that info that the Fehr's wants them to have.

I do wonder why the agents are putting up with this. They are smart guys who should be able to see what's going on. So I figure they either believe Fehr can win this (his goal is to delink compensation and the salary cap - the very thing the NHL went to the mat for last time). Or they completely dependant on their clients being made whole and are in this so deep that they have no choice but to go along.

Nonetheless, they have to see that they and their clients are headed for disaster.

It's going to get ugly. I'm speculating it's 70-30 at this point that the season will be cancelled.

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