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11-16-2012, 10:04 AM
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The Blutch Company 2013-14 ALL STAR GAME

All Star Game Begins Tonight at 11pm Central Time!


Reserves: In order-->Vancouver, Phoenix, Anaheim, Calgary, Los Angeles, San Jose, Columbus

*Based on whoever is online at the time


Reserves: In order-->Tampa, Rangers, Montreal, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Boston

*Based on whoever is online at the time


1) We'll do an OTP game (has to be ranked or else we cant use our BAPs) in a specific, Created, Lobby (Bluth ASG or something)

2) Decide amongst yourselves who is going to play what position on each team. Its only an All Star Game, not that important.

3) Every team should Edit their BAPs to reflect the player you want representing your team (from Step 2). Model your BAP after him i.e. Change his name, jersey number, appearance, height, weight, and play by play name to reflect the real player.

The Bluth Company Shootout Tournament

ALL teams are welcome to participate in this. I realize everyone will not be on tonight at the same time but, just for fun, here's what the Tree will look like...

1) Dallas vs 15) Boston
1) Islanders vs 15) Columbus

2) Chicago vs 14) Toronto
2) Florida vs 14) San Jose

3) Edmonton vs 13) Pittsburgh
3) Carolina vs 13) Los Angeles

4) Detroit vs 12) New Jersey
4) Winnipeg vs 12) Calgary

5) Minnesota vs 11) Montreal
5) Buffalo vs 11) Anaheim

6) Colorado vs 10) Rangers
6) Washington vs 10) Phoenix

7) St. Louis vs 9) Tampa
7) Philadelphia vs 9) Vancouver

8) Nashville vs 8) Ottawa


-Unranked, 7 rounds
-Must use your GM Connected teams (Obviously)
-If you're opponent isn't online at the time, they "forfeit" that round and you automatically advance
-The Winner of the shootout will receive(their choice) of a 2015 3rd, 2016 2nd, or a 2017 1st round pick from the

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