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11-16-2012, 10:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Ahh, yes, the biggest misconception of them all - that the players got bent over last time. The NHL stuck it to them with the 24% rollback at the beginning of the last CBA, but thats about it. They operated under a deal where players garnered 57% of revenues - revenues that increased by over $1B since the last lockout. How is that getting bent over?

Bettman got his cap and thought he got his victory - in truth it was a very bad deal for the owners - especially the smaller market ones.
exactly right. it was an extremely solid deal for the owners at the time, but there was no way in hell that anybody projected the level of growth that they've had. they were trying to stick it to the players and it backfired.

truth is-- the owners should be ecstatic about the growth-- not trying to stick it to the players. the owners should be extremely happy with what has happened and take their increased profits happily. that's not to say that all owners won with the cap... the smaller venues kind of got screwed... WHICH is why they should just implement profit sharing-- but they don't want to take from the few teams who control the league and did their jobs better than the rest.


on the other hand, after our last lockout, we saw 30% growth... so they don't entirely have to worry about this year's missed profits if the trend continues.

we'll see what happens, but honestly, the owners won the last cba's debates regardless of what happened under it.

Originally Posted by True Blue View Post
THey got bent over, becuase essentially the owners dictated their terms. How it turned out, is anotehr story. And as for how poorly the teams are really faring, again, not even Leavitt saw the actual financial statements. NO ONE has. Leavit reported on the numbers presented to him. Forbes reported on the numbers reported to them. I am not saying that there are small market teams that are not faring well, but I am saying that there are many more teams that are making money than last time. Again, it is a little fishy that you crow about how healthy the league is and laud about your record revenues, and then cry poverty as soon as the pad lock goes on.
the billion dollar question... where did those profits go?

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