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11-16-2012, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by who_me? View Post
Union thugs would break the kneecaps of "scabs". True story.
Good. All scabs deserve a good beating. I ****ing hate Scabs and would refuse to watch it in principle.

Even further, the ownership group isn't even unanimous on the idea of the new CBA having all their provisions, many owners want the season to start, but everything is being clamped down by the Sunbelt Teams and a few extremely greedy ownership groups like the Boston Bruins.
If this is true, Bettman needs to "disappear". If 19 or 20 teams want to go, Bettman has no right to use his leverage to let the rest of the owners hold the league hostage. I doubt it's true though, because if a majority were against Bettman, there'd have been a coup a long time ago and they'd not be afraid to speak out.

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