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11-16-2012, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Sokil View Post
Sabremetrics is subjective and theoretical. That's the big difference here.

This isn't as simple as putting a ball to a bat where no scenario, pressure, or necessity matter. If that were the case, A-Rod would be a happy man.

And to suggest that players can't pull or drive to gaps, or go long for the sac fly, etc. undermines the skill of hitting altogether.
Explain to me how sabremetrics are subjective? And theoretical? Please... its about as theoretical as dividing hits by at bats... your favourite stat.

And I think you're missing the point. Assists involve a number of different factors. Getting a hit is getting a hit... you take the pitch thrown, put the bat to the ball, and have it land.

The fact that you even suggested "going for the long sac fly" should open your eyes to the fact that rbi's are a joke of a stat. The fact that you can hit the ball to the middle of the outfield (intentional or not) and get an rbi because a player in front of you was able to make it to 3rd with less than 2 outs is what makes it subjective. You did nothing to put that runner on base or ensure he was in scoring position.

Plain and simple, the amount of run-producing opportunities you get in a season is nothing but LUCK.

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