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11-16-2012, 10:28 AM
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Originally Posted by chewerjones View Post
Hey Guys,

Have been away for awhile, and hopefully I am back to stay. LOL

Only saw a few GTHL games this year and clearly, the Russian from Jr. Cdns, is ahead of all prospects. He should go top 2 or 3, if he is eligible for the OHL draft? Branch will have to circumvent the system to allow him to be eligible.

Saw the Marlies and Rebels game yesterday, and OH BOY, was that bad hockey. If you compare the same 2 teams from last year, you would think that this year's clubs are Double A. Wow. The 2 best players mentioned- Strome and Stephens, did nothing really, and wow, if they are some of the best that the GTHL has to offer, then the draft will be very weak.

Hopefully they turn it up in the new year.
I feel the difference from last year to this year has definately been the depth of both teams. Fabbri and Bourne had a great supporting cast, as did Ho-Sang and McDavid. Stephens and Strome are virtually out their by themselves. Although they both bring different things to the draft, I feel they will both be able to play next year. Zeppieri would be an effective player on the wing with a strong centremen but that seems to be missing from the Rebels. In the game there was realistically maybe 3 first round players compared to last year when there was atleast 10 off both teams. A strong indication of the depth of the draft.

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