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11-16-2012, 11:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Old Navy Goat View Post
So 20 minute trivia on the radio was quite interesting today. The question was why is it that 43% of woman don't want to hang out with their husband/boyfriend when the guys are around?

The male callers gave the usual answers such as the guys act like jerks when they're together etc, however a female caller got it right in that its because it would increase the likelihood of them wanting to hook up with one of their mate's boys. Turns out that 1 in 9 will get with one of them in a shaky relationship, while 1 in 4 will start bumping uglies with one of his boys if they were in a good relationship that turned to crap.
I can say, for me at least, that it has never worked the other way.

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