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11-16-2012, 10:42 AM
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Originally Posted by BleedBlue247 View Post
It's called free speech man. They are entitled to go on a rant if they want. Don't tell me you haven't had a moment when you said something that was rediculous when you were mad. Everybody does it, especially when it's something that you thnk is really important and you're frustrated with the outcome.
Technically, free speech protects you from government retaliation for expressing thoughts and opinions... unless of course that thought/opinion does violate the law (for example, you can't run into a movie theater and yell "FIRE!" or make libelous statements... which is actually why mods are kept very busy on these very boards).

Freedom of speech isn't absolute freedom. But that isn't here nor there.

The point is that private citizens like you and me are "free" to think that Toews should sound more informed before expressing his opinion. I could write him a letter and tell him to shut up until he gets an accounting degree. I'm still not taking away his freedom of speech. It would only be a violation if the government tried to stop him.

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