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11-16-2012, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Dan-o16 View Post
It's a nice job by you, but I think the Brooklyn baseball concept is just way over. My Dad was a Brooklyn Dodgers fan, and I grew up with stories about Roy Campanella and Carl Furillo (my Dad's favorite players), as well as Jackie and The Duke. But the Dodgers left 55 years ago. The script 'Brooklyn' became the script 'Los Angeles'. It wasn't as if that look ended with Brooklyn. The Dodgers after they left were better than the Dodgers before they left. That style is, now, more Los Angeles than it is Brooklyn. Mets fans got understandably annoyed when Wilpon seemed to express his Dodgers love more than his Mets love in CitiField.

The old Dodgers B expresses Brooklyn pride in opposition to "The City", i.e. Manhattan. But the Islanders don't need that symbol to express their pride in opposition to "The City", i.e. the Ranger$. Our existing symbol already expresses it.

BTW, note that The Nets did not go after that look. They were smarter than that. They asked themselves what was the coolest jersey in sport that had no basketball equivalent. Their answer was the correct one: The Raiders.

The Islanders, unlike the Nets, need to stress continuity with their past as opposed to a break from it. If you need a third, go retro Islanders, not retro someone else.

Just my opinion.


Islanders regular jersey is retro. Id prefer a brooklyn jersey over orange font royal or some other ****. What they should do is bring back a jersey from each decade and have some slecial commerative nights to close out the colliseum. Mostly so I can see a gortons rerelease.

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