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11-16-2012, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Brownstache View Post
No you messaged me once like 3 days ago, my NHL game was no working correctly, I messaged you saying I was getting a new game the next day, and then I heard nothing. I'm very active with regards to XBL, Sergei can confirm that. But the west is just not active at all. The first 2 sims were awesome, I must have been on a road trip because I was able to play almost all of my games. If anything comes up in the East let me know because I would love to keep playing with you guys it just sucks having a team that you committed to a rebuild and having people want to sim your games because your a free win. Any who thanks Sergei your doing a wonderful job as the commish, let me know if anything comes up in the east!!
Mmmmm no you did not message me back. Found it quite rude actually. Okay well I have very little time this weekend. May be able to get in a game or two this afternoon but after that idk. Maybe tm night after UFC?

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