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11-16-2012, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by doorman View Post
I guess we just agree to disagree which is fine. However, I think if the Hawks ousted the Nucks and Lou was the difference and they then won the cup, it adds insult to injury so to speak. i think it would worse even if they did play equally, as many Van fans have stated that Crawford is not in Lous league, which I don't debate( no reason to obtain him otherwise). So in turn, that makes Lou the difference if you wanna swing it that way.

If Luongo was the difference, as in clearly outplayed Schneider, then yes, I can see things as you do. However, he would _clearly_ have to be the difference. That's the point I'm making. That the players coming back from CHI to VAN were not the difference by comparison, in addition to Lu being the difference for CHI. All of that would have to occur for you to be right. I just don't see that as a likely scenario.

So if things have to align for Gillis to be ridiculed, so be it. I just don't think there is a high probability of these factors aligning, let alone the two teams facing each other at all. And so, when you are faced with that uncertainty, a GM is far better off getting back certain assets to help his team, rather than worrying about the ridicule that would occur resulting from an unlikely situation.

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