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11-16-2012, 10:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Stray Wasp View Post
Denis / Dennis Irwin (one 'n' I think, but better safe than sorry), quiet, solid and indispensible to one superb Man U team after another.

Moreno Torricelli and Angelo Di Livio, both of Juventus and Fiorentina. The former possessed unnervingly intense eyes, the latter had the air of a diminutive street-fighter. Trap and Lippi rated them both, which is praise enough.

+1 on Dennis Irwin

On Fiorentina side, I also remember Nappi

Other players I liked:

- Bergueristain (Barcelona)

- Michael Laudrup (Barcelona/Real)

- Fernando Hierro (Real)

- Manfred Binz (Germany/Frankfurt)

- Goicoichea - Argentina's goalie - was on fire during the 90 WC

- Bruce Gobelaar (Liverpool and Zimbabwe NT); ah men, his antics during the final of CL

- Matthew Letissier (Southamptopn)

- Lee Sharpe (Manchester United) ... what could have been

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