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11-16-2012, 10:51 AM
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Not one of my picks, but I'd never seen it, so what the hell. I hate to use the phrase "I enjoyed it more than I thought I would" because it makes me seem like I was out to hate it, but really, it's just because musicals and romance are not my go-to genres. It was pretty good, though it can't hope to sustain the frantic, breathless pace of the first third or the rest of the movie seems a little slow in comparison. Ewan MacGregor was good and Nicole Kidman impressed me a lot with a range I'd not seen from her. The story is more something to get people into singing and dancing situations and less anything substantial to hang on to (especially when the end is revealed at the beginning) but that's OK. The costumes and sets are eye-popping enough on their own.

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