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11-16-2012, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Martini View Post
First off, they are the Red Sox. They have money to burn and a better farm system right now then the Jays. They made a major trade last year getting rid of Beckett who I think,imo, is washed up, and Agon, freeing up a whole bunch of money in the process. Was there ulterior motives for getting those two and Crawford out of town? Maybe. But the fact that the Red Sox can pretty much buy anybody they want and the first team if JJ has a good year that will throw a blank check at him. The Red Sox also got rid of Bobby V, who was the main reason that team turned into cold garbage, so right there, thats addition by subtraction and makes the Red Sox better on that move alone.

Well for starters, aquiring players with a history of injury isnt one of them, but thats just my opinion.
Rogers has more money, and according to every expert - the Jays have the better, and deeper farm system.

Buying anybody you want doesn't always translate into wins, look no further then those Red Sox.

If JJ has a good year and re-establishes himself as a legit ace, rest assured, AA makes a very lucrative offer.....

The manager is a cop-out. Managers may account for 5-10 more wins/losses.. Generously, lets say 10 more wins for arguments sake - that puts them at 79-83, still not even a .500 team.

I'm not sure who you're trying to fool, but selling off bs as fact, isn't going to win you many debates.

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