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11-16-2012, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Gallatin View Post
Yo Chancellor.

First of all, I said Tangradi OR Jeffrey. I'll bet you $5 one of them will score 50+ points the next complete season.
Yer on, brothaman! I'll take 50 points, but I'd be comfortable betting 40+... too bad you aimed high.

And young forwards get paid if they have a good season their free agent year.
Yah but it's all relative. Neither guy is going to command a big salary by any stretch on the basis of scoring say 35-45 points (one time). I doubt very much it would be more than $1.7 or $1.8M a year. Also I believe there is supposed to be a glut of FA this coming summer (not surprising considering everyone knew the CBA would be new, back when they signed their deals).

So the supply will be higher than most years for FA options, driving prices down IMO for all but the most talented players. Further the CBA terms itself could drive prices down with various provisions so we'll see. In short I'm not worried about Tangradi or Jeffrey (or both) causing us money problems for our forward group.

And of course we are both right that Malkin & Letang come ahead of players like Orpik & Martin.
Who together make $8.75M a season. My only point is, Shero has options to keep Geno and Tanger signed here for several more years. That's all.

And Doom & Gloom. Feeling it a bit no doubt. I don't trust either side to be rational right now..
Right there with you on doom and gloom for starting the season, but that's a different thing than "when they come back Shero will be in trouble because he won't be able to sign our top guys" (paraphrasing). I don't think that last part will be true. I can't really envision a realistic scenario where we'd have to cut Geno or Tanger loose. The only way is if one of them asked for obscene money (like $12M a year for Geno or $8M a year for Letang) and I don't think they will.

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