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11-16-2012, 12:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Old Navy Goat View Post
Who's responsible for exactly what information is promulgated through the website / app? Do you honestly think that Fehr isn't capable of promulgating what information he deems fit for general consumption vice everything even if it shows him in poor light? Information warfare has been around for ages, you let your constituents know what's best for them but spin anything else to your favor. The only truly unbiased way would be for a 3rd party negotiator to be present and then promulgate all the information to both sides.
They've had player reps in the room during all of the formal negotiating sessions. (Something that didn't happen under Kelly according to many players.)

I haven't seen a single player make even a veiled comment about how they're not getting the same information the player reps in the room are getting. That obviously doesn't mean some don't feel that way, but I've yet to see a single comment like that.

There's not a shred of evidence to support your assertion that Fehr is hiding things.

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