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11-16-2012, 12:21 PM
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Well, last night and early this morning I watched a couple of games from the 1993 playoffs specifically to watch Derek King. I thought, "it's pointless bickering about something we could obviously see with I'll look"

Now, I only watched him in 1993 games, so it's in his prime. And here's what I got:

He played on the left wing with Pierre Turgeon mostly, but usually on Turgeon's "second shift" - Turgeon looks to have been double-shifted at least against Montreal, once he got stuck against Kirk Muller, and then Arbour would try to get him matched up against a soft, offensive player like Lebeau. The latter is when King would join him it seems.

Can King skate? Yes. Is he Fedorov fast? Certainly not. I'd call him above average in the skating department if I had to make a call. Iffy in transition and balance, but not a bad skater by any means. Not slow either. I can see where one might get "slow" from because he is not a hard worker. He did, however, come back deep on defense on a couple of occasions (I guess he figured if Turgeon was going to in that playoffs, he might as well join him) but he wasn't very active or proactive about it. He got to a man, hung with him but if his check really wanted to get away from him, he could. He got back really well in Game 4 vs. Montreal (I think) to break up a 3 on 2 from behind, so I see he can skate...

Big time top speed? Nah, not really. But it was hard to get a beat on it because he didn't frequently skate that hard. But he's a fine skater, like I said, above average probably. Skated hardest when he had the puck and room to go. Otherwise, bleh. Went to the front of the net on power plays too. Not sure what TOI estimates say from the season...but he looked like first power play, but an every-other-shift* type of guy almost exclusively with Turgeon at even strength.

* - by that I mean, Turgeon would go without him, 2nd line, 3rd/4th line, then Turgeon would go again with King, 2nd line, 3rd/4th line, then Turgeon without him and so on...


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