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Originally Posted by 416Leafer View Post
Well lets see.

- They lost Garrison. He was solidly their #2 D. Played lots of SH minutes, PP minutes, and ES minutes against top opposition
- They gained Kuba who can slot in as their #2 D just fine. He averaged the same amount of ice time as Garrison last yr for Ottawa. They had similar point totals as well (though Garrison just had more goals).

- Campbell/Weiss/Versteeg/Fleishmann all either had career years or essentially matched previous career years
- Campbell just returned to form. Weiss did not have a career yr but kept producing at the same consistent pace he has for the last 6 seasons basically. Versteeg & Fleischmann had career yrs but they're still young, why cant they continue to produce at that level? And Versteeg had 1 pt more & 1 goal more than his previous high so its not like he made such huge gains. I cant see any of those guys actually dropping significantly from last season in terms of production.

- Theodore played significantly better than he has over the majority of the last 5-7 years
- Actually, he's been fairly consistent in the last 5 yrs (look up his record/stats). He just went to OT a lot more than in the past which is kinda a reflection of the team in front of him too. Remember, his numbers last season werent out of this world really...22-16-11 with a 2.46 GAA and .917 save percentage. He was mostly middle of the pack in terms of starters in the league

- Their division was terrible. Washington is looking better with Ribeiro as their 2nd line C, potentially improved goaltending via Holtby, and assumed rebound years back to their averages (or better) from Ovechkin/Backstrom/Green. All are key players, and two were injured for large portions of last season while Ovechkin just had a down year
- Yes the division as a whole wasnt very good. But teams improving on paper doesnt always translate on the ice. Washington always seemed to have the best team on paper but couldnt win in the playoffs. Keep in mind they lost Semin as well so that is lost offense so that should even out any benefit of having Riberio. Also while not the best overall d-man, they lost Wideman and his offense too.

-Florida made the playoffs with a fairly large negative goal differential, and it doesn't look like that goal differential is likely to improve. It's pretty rare to sneak into the playoffs with that type of stat
- Why wouldn't that goal differential would improve? They are going to add a top prospect in Jonathan Huberdeau to their lineup who should provide some additional offense. They also added Peter Mueller as well who should be a top 6 forward. Yes he had injury issues the last few yrs but this extended time off has to be helping him too in some ways. Also if Upshall, a former 20 goal scorer, can stay healthy, there's some additional offense as well.

Also factor in that all of that negative goal differential came from 4 blowout games (losses by more than 5 goals) on the road (@ Boston 8-0, @ Winnipeg 7-0, @ Philly 5-0, @ NY Rangers 5-1). Its always good to put statistics in perspective to what is actually happening on the ice.
I replied to your points in blue above. Seeing what other teams have done in the East, I dont see the Panthers as "easily the biggest slide team" at all. I mean NJ lost a 70+ pt forward in Parise, Philly lost a top 4 d-man (Carle) and already were lacking depth on defense thanks to injuries (Pronger, Mezaros) in front of an inconsistent goalie, and Boston lost its starting goalie who was a former Vezina winner. Any/all of those teams could just as easily slide as the Panthers...if we're just looking at it on paper.

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