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11-16-2012, 11:32 AM
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Originally Posted by topched View Post
That is true. But it's really not much different IMO than the Marlins shopping all of their guys and letting them know they're available. I would assume that the Marlins did their due dilligence and tried to find the best deal possible. If I'm Selig I'm saying the same thing about this deal that you're saying about the LA one "You had your chance to put together a package for these 3 guys and blew it".

The main difference between the two scenarios is that the Red Sox saved money and intend to spend it elsewhere and build a competitive team. Its questionable as to whether Loria has any intention to do so.

This whole review process is less about the deal and far more about the Marlins owner's intentions and whether this could have ramifications on other markets trying to build new stadiums etc.

Honestly I don't feel bad for the Marlins fans at all. They didn't show up to games. The team had the lowest attendance ever for any team playing in a 1st year stadium. They averaged under 30k per game with a lineup full of superstars. If they had shown up and made Loria some money then maybe he would be okay with holding on to these guys.

I'm not saying Loria is justified cause we'd all be devastated if Rogers pulled that crap here... but honestly they're considered a "big market" in the NBA, and could be in the MLB too
I agree with what you're saying. I am not so sure Florida is a big market though. I think Selig is just concerned about the viability of baseball in Miami going forward. He will allow the trade but he is well within his rights to look over the deal.

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