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Originally Posted by gravey9 View Post
DUDE, it's not 60% of profits. It's 60% of Hockey Related Revenue. There is a lot of other revenue that comes in that is NOT deemed as HRR. So, that number is misleading.
So gate receipts aren't sold tickets = hockey related revenues?

Help. Now I'm confused.


The precise definition of HRR comes from the current collective bargaining agreement, a copy of which is available in PDF form here. Specifically, you can turn to Article 50 (page 160 of 475) for the section on HRR. That section is around 25 pages long and full of lawyer-ese, so I’m going to try (in my non-legal interpretation) to offer a condensed version for your review.

For the purposes of a definition, let’s go with revenue “…relating to or deriving from, relating to or arising directly or indirectly out of the playing of NHL hockey games or NHL-related events in which current NHL Players participate or in which current NHL Players’ names and likenesses are used…” There’s more nuance than that which I’m presenting, but this is the heart of the matter – money from NHL-related games and events that capitalize on the players involvement.

The expired CBA also gives us a “non-exhaustive” list of items that are contemplated in HRR:

1. NHL regular season and gate receipts

2. Pre-season games

3. Special games

4. NHL national, international and national digital broadcasts

5. NHL Networks

6. Local cable television broadcasts

7. Local over-the-air television broadcasts

8. Local pay-per-view, satellite and other broadcasts

9. Local radio broadcasts

10. Club internet

11. Publications

12. In-arena novelty sales

13. Non-arena novelty sales

14. Concessions

15. Luxury boxes/suites

16. Club/premium seats

17. Fixed signage and arena sponsorships

18. Temporary signage and club sponsorships

19. Dasher boards

20. Parking

21. Other events – What seems to be a catch-all for events that fit the spirit of the definition but aren’t specifically itemized above

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