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11-16-2012, 11:40 AM
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Originally Posted by uiCk View Post
The information is available because they decide to make it available. if they want, they can keep everything behind closed doors. The parts of these negotiations that had some advancements where the parts where both sides were negotiating between them, last week, when no one knew anything.
Until now, Whenever there has been some kind of PR move by either side, it was more or less an indication that the negotiations were not going in the right direction.
Every time they open their mouth, the PA or the NHL, they go back a step, to guard their 'egos'.
The PR side just hurts both sides and the negotiation process.
I don't disagree with that...but to say that the PR battle isn't part of the negotiations is false. Obviously, negotiations have hit an impass, and swaying public opinion is a way to get movement on certain issues.

Whether or not that's a productive way to do things is another story're right about that.

IMO, the PR battle matters so much that if by some incredible miracle, the media would institute a moratorium of their own on reporting every single minute detail about these current negotiations, a deal would quickly follow.

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