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11-16-2012, 11:40 AM
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Originally Posted by ryno23 View Post
Yes that is true while I am old school when it comes to stats. I am starting to understand there is a whole different group who use Sabremetrics when discussion baseball and forget other aspects of the game.

I think they should create another award and call it the Bill James award and its for the best Sabremetric season by a player that way those who love advance stats can go and debate that award and not have to use any other thing but stats.

To me Cabrera is the MVP as down the stretch he was in the middle of everything Detroit did and his numbers just got better as the meaningful games took place.

Trout's numbers got worse as the pennant race took shape....mind you still amazing numbers just not as good as Cabrera's numbers.

Cabrera pulled ahead after the All-Star break and out distanced Trout in the backstretch of the season
You don't even have to look at sabremetrics to know Trout was better. There is a misconception out there that Trout vote for MVP thing was only being put out there because of sabremetrics stats when in fact, that's not true at all unless you consider OBP/stolen bases/runs scored/defense to be sabremetrics stuff. Cabrera produced a slightly better OPS but it isn't a big enough gap to justify all the other things Trout did like steal 49 bases, put up a better on base percentage, scored more runs despite fewer games (lead the AL in runs scored -- got on base a lot, got into scoring position a lot more often and gave his teammates the opportunity to drive him in) and he played elite level defense while Cabrera... sucks at playing defense and you don't even need advanced stats for that -- just look at the eye test.

Trout was a much much much better player all-around and provided more value to his team with all the things he did. Its too bad the Hank Aaron awards isn't more recognized because it should be as its awarded to the best hitter and Cabrera certainly was that, but he was not the most VALUABLE player.

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