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Originally Posted by topched View Post
The fact that you even suggested "going for the long sac fly" should open your eyes to the fact that rbi's are a joke of a stat. The fact that you can hit the ball to the middle of the outfield (intentional or not) and get an rbi because a player in front of you was able to make it to 3rd with less than 2 outs is what makes it subjective. You did nothing to put that runner on base or ensure he was in scoring position.

Plain and simple, the amount of run-producing opportunities you get in a season is nothing but LUCK.
Your understanding of the game seems to be very limited. Did you ever play?

Originally Posted by Nasty Nazem View Post
Cabrera produced a slightly better OPS but it isn't a big enough gap to justify all the other things Trout did like steal 49 bases, put up a better on base percentage, scored more runs despite fewer games
The OBP was virtually identical for the two. Of course he scored more runs, he was a leadoff hitter (and runs scored is entirely determined by the rest of your team to drive you in, RBIs, something that Cabrera dominated at).

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