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11-16-2012, 11:48 AM
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I just wonder what his end game is.

Is he trying to tank/punish the league for implementing a cap in 04-05? Because the longer he keeps the lockout going, the worse the league will be in the long run. Lose a year or more, the fans aren't coming back as easily next time. The league will lose revenues, not just this year, but going forward.

The breaking point for me was I believed that last week was actual negotiations and progress. It seemed they were close on most contract issues and sounded like the PA accepted linked salary and 50/50, just hammer out the "make whole" payments and the remaining bits.

But when it comes out they are still pushing for fixed salary amounts with annual raises...that's ridiculous. That's not the position of someone looking to make a deal late in the game. That's someone who clearly doesn't want to compromise but to blow everything up.

And that's not good for anyone. The fans, owners, OR players. Nobody benefits if the league collapses, which is where this is headed.

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