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11-16-2012, 11:50 AM
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Originally Posted by workforce View Post
Of course he should be gone. But the relationship with Thomson is too tight and these two probably feel they are now playing with house (Tugnutt's) money. As long as Molloy plays the Tugnutts, he is probably safe.

Both Molloy and Thomson had a hand in the roster they bought and how they blew it up in favour of under-performing imports. They chose to bring in a big prep school kid with no junior experience instead of handing the reins to Brind'Amour (a proven CCHL starter) and they could have brought in Tugnutt as a back-up. They blew up the D core by not signing or trading Keesler, Douming, Lacroix, Ferris, and Guy. Add Hensbee and Lussie to those and you have a middle of the pack Defence.

They brought in forwards from all over... none of whom are performing and likely are not playing. Some will not be back at Christmas or sooner. They traded away Rosebrook, Adams, Van Stien, Warren (with years to develop and play) in exchange for Varin who has less than 40 games left in the league. How has Rosebrook done LOL.

Many long-time fans no longer attend this train-wreck. Will the team survive the league's buy-out of its weak links in favour of Wellington and Kingston?
You do not seem very knowledgable...Ferras is playing CIS, lacroix USHL, Keesler and douming are both at best bottom pair defenceman and Guy went to the OHL but may be returning. Cant think of the last team that traded away players who moved on to a higher level other than NCAA that got traded...

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