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11-16-2012, 12:54 PM
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The one issue i sided with players on was when NHL initially proposed that the reduction in player share and expected that the players foot the bill while things even out, that to me was just *********.

but all the players did as i have come to read, not 100% sure if its true or not, but all its seems that they did was stall and stall and piss and moan. if they had in any way tried to negotiate a deal that was fair for them (54-52-50 for first 3 years, maybe i would be more sympathetic) not to mention that ******** liek Teows and Lupul and others who cry foul that Garry the big bad monster is hurting all of them, while the grunts who do all the cleaning and maintenance and such are laid off, players cry foul that they are being bent over the fire hydrant all the while posting pics of their nice expensive cars, or chilling on a beach, or taking jobs from European players, thats all fine but garry is just being a dick....

at this point the players have cost themselves the money, i mentioned earlier that the 3rd issue to a CBA was who pays for the damage, well after reading this do you expect Fehr to split it 50/50?

i can totally see a deal hinging on NHL paying for the full 100% damage a lockout caused because after all "we wanted to play they wouldn't let us *********)

Players if you are reading this, step up, man up, and act like men you claim to be, fire the ****** and go there and get a good deal for you which the owners will give you

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