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11-16-2012, 11:55 AM
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Originally Posted by mpp9 View Post
It's not well run. But it takes two to negotiate. I haven't seen much from Fehr to suggest he's looking to make a deal in the near future. He's doing his job infuriating the league, but at some point, the players have to tell their boss what the end game is.
We have had thousands of players come though the league since Bettman stepped in. The players love the game, but in the end they are going to do what is best for them. That's why you have a commissioner, to look out for the best interests of the league as a whole. Ya, he is really looking out for the owners, but if he doesn't protect the integrity of the league, he isn't doing his job for them.

By the time this is ever resolved, we could be pushing 2k games lost FOREVER under Bettman's watch. No league even can come in the same universe as those numbers... its a ****ing disgrace. Fans, sponsors, etc dont want to invest their money in a product they have no faith in.

There was some truly shady dealings with how Smith (not much better more likeable than Fehr) got appointed head of the NFLPA over Vincent, who had a much, much better relationship with Goodell. The gap between the NFL and NFLPA was also much wider than the one between the NHL and NHLPA, yet Goodell found a way to close the deal without losing games.

When the replacement refs started to affect the game, after the GB-Sea embarrassment, he hammered out a deal in three days with the refs. He never suggested taking a two weak break at the most critical time in either scenario... Because it is so absurd that anyone would even suggest that.

Here we are with another one of Bettman's debacles on our hands and he is suggesting they take off for two weeks... There isn't even a way to defend that... Even Lebrun who has been entirely neutral throughout this process talked about Bettman's lack of respect for the game with such an idiotic notion.

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